What is WordPress?

Frequently asked questions: What is WordPress? What is WordPress used for?

More than a third of the world's websites are based on WordPress. With easy-to-use website templates for everyone from personal bloggers to large corporations, this powerful website builder and content management system (CMS) makes it easy for anyone to build a website in no time. The WordPress platform is flexible and its elements can be easily adapted to everyone's needs. Next, we will discuss the benefits of this world's most popular website building system.

WordPress is free for everyone

WordPress was created in 2003. As a free piece of blogging software, created by Mike Little and Mike Mullenweg, who continue to run WordPress.org, the company that keeps WordPress accessible to anyone who wants to create a website or blog.

The features that made WordPress so appealing to bloggers and other types of website builders have also appealed to a much wider audience, including some of the most prominent companies in the US and around the world. WordPress is now used not only by bloggers, but also by major global companies, including Sony Music, Variety, Time, Inc., and the Disney Company, as well as millions of smaller business and personal websites.

Currently, there are about 450 million pages that use WordPress.

WordPress is easy to use and modify

WordPress is a free, open-source website builder written in the PHP programming language. This allows anyone to not only use the software, but to modify it to suit their individual needs and share those changes with others. Open source software is publicly available and always free, so with WordPress you know that when a new version comes out, it won't suddenly cost you.

Getting started with a WordPress site is very easy, just download a copy from WordPress.org and install it on your server.

WordPress is suitable for all users

WordPress can be used by everyone from the beginner to the experienced developer. For new users with no design or page development experience, a WordPress site can be created with a one-click method that installs an entire template site right away using one of hundreds of free WordPress themes. These themes allow users to customize various features, such as the website header or colors, directly from the dashboard without knowing any code.

For users with programming or website development experience, WordPress provides access to all the software code, including its theme and plugin systems, application framework, and scripts, so it can be customized to fit any website's needs. Because WordPress can be modified in many ways, it can be adapted and scaled to meet the changing needs of a growing business.

WordPress is flexible

One of the reasons WordPress is so popular is its almost infinite flexibility. WordPress provides access to an extensive gallery of free themes that users can choose from at any time to customize or change the look and functionality of their website. To stand out, there are paid WordPress themes or plugins to choose from, which often give you a competitive edge. However, the most important aspects of the advantage remain the speed of the page, the overall style of the page and how conveniently the information is laid out. However, it happens that inexperienced page developers install too many plugins that slow down the performance of the page, so you should always check the speed index of your site.

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